Plastic Recycling Machines

Single shaft plastic shredder

The single shaft shredder is a small to medium-sized industrial shredder equipped with only one shaft with a rotating blade, widely used in waste plastic recycling, paper, and wood shredding, electronic waste recycling.

Double shaft plastic shredder

double shaft shredder, also known as the two-shaft shredder, the shear shredder, is an industrial shredder that reduces the size of materials by shearing, tearing, and squeezing. It is widely used in waste plastics, waste rubber, wood, and other waste. 

Plastic granulator

Plastic granulator also known as plastic crusher. It divides various recycled plastics into small pieces evenly. It is mainly used to crush various plastic plastics and rubber such as plastic profiles, tubes, rods, filaments, films, rubber tires. 

Plastic Extruder Machine

Twin screw extruder

Twin screw extruder is developed on the basis of single screw extruder, which avoids the disadvantages of single screw extruder such as poor feeding and poor plasticization. In a double screw extruder, the raw material is added by the feeding device through the feeding port, and some additive materials also need to be added through the feeding port in the middle of the barrel, and the materials are melted and conveyed by the double screw to reach the machine out of the head opening die.

Single screw extruder

Single screw extruder is one of the important molding methods for plastic molding processing. The material is formed from the extruder by heating, mixing, and pressurizing, and then continued passing through the mouth die in a flowing state. Most thermoplastics and rubbers can be processed by this method. It is widely used in petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, agriculture, construction and etc.

Plastic Pelletizer Machine

PP PE pelletizing machine

This plastic pelletizing machine is specially designed for recycling washed plastic PE PP, such as cling film, PE plastic bags, plastic food bags, milk bottles, carrying buckets, water bottles, etc. It is widly used in the plastic recycling industy.

PVC recycling machine

The PVC pelletizing line is composed of a series of recycling machines, including a belt conveyor, twin-screw extruder, extrusion auxiliary machine, water tank, plastic pellet cutting machine, vibrating screen, cyclone separator, dust collector equipment, etc

HDPE PS PP water ring pelletizer machine

The water ring pelletizer machine has the advantages of uniform and beautiful particles, improves the utilization rate of the plant, saves labor, so in recent years the use of water ring pelletizer machine more and more.

PET pelletizing machine

The PET pelletizing machine line includes PET washing machines and pet pelletizing machines, the PET cleaning line includes PET granulator and cleaning water tank and other equipment, PET pelletizing line includes pelletizing machine, cutting equipment, etc.

PE recycling line

The plastic recycling line is specially designed for LDPE and HDPE film recycling, it includes a film shredder, washing equipment, drying equipment, two-stage plastic single-screw granulator, cooling water tank, vibrating screen, dust removal equipment, etc.

Plastic Recycling Line

Pet bottle washing recycling line

PET bottle washing line is used to mechanically separate the non-PET cap, seat bottom, label, and other impurities from the packaged PET plastic bottles, and then crushed, washed, and processed into non-polluting PET flakes, which can be made into recycled pellets for making other PET products, or sold to chemical fiber manufacturers.You can sell it at a reasonable profit.

Plastic film washing line

Plastic film washing line is to process loose or baled plastic film into clean plastic film sheets through the process of shredding, cleaning, and drying. And the clean film can be recycled into plastic pellets. You can sell it at a reasonable profit. Whether it’s polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), or other plastic films, agricultural mulch films, greenhouse films, packaging films, cling films, etc., our fully automated lines can meet your requirements.

PE plastic film recycling line

Plastic film recycling machines include plastic film washing machines and plastic film pelletizing machines. The purpose of the plastic film washing line is to remove impurities from the plastic film and to shred large pieces of film into smaller pieces, resulting in clean plastic film sheets of appropriate size. The function of plastic film pelletizing line is to extrude, cool, dry, cut and finally make clean pellets from film sheets.

75 pe extruder

75 PE extruder machine in Russia

pp extruder

PP+glass fiber extrusion prodction line

Waste refrigerator recycling production line

Waste refrigerator recycling production line

500KG per hour film recycling line

500KG/H film washing line in China

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