Plastic Drum Shredder for PP/PE Drums

Drum Shredder

Plastic drum shredder is used for PP/PE and other plastic containers. It is a double shaft shredder.Through the gear reducer box, the speed is reduced and the torque is increased to drive the power to the two spindles of the shredder, which drive the two spindles to rotate, so that the PP/PE and other plastic containers can be broken down and cut into small pieces.


PP, PE, PET, PC, nylon, PP, PE plastic pipe or plastic barrel  etc.

TV, washing machine, refrigerator, used car shell, etc.

Composition and Principle

Rotor blade spiral arrangement; blade using chrome-molybdenum-vanadium high-quality alloy steel, and a variety of materials and different structure blade for customers to use; both sides of the wear-resistant liner made of wear-resistant steel plate. For different materials, choose different materials of tools to improve the use of performance.

Drive device: motor driven, deceleration through gear reducer.


Drum Shredder

Drum Shredder

Drum Shredder Hydraulic Pusher

Hydraulic pusher

Drum Shredder Main Shaft

Main shaft

Plastic double shaft shredder main shaft

Main shaft

Features and Advantage

1.The blade is made of high alloy refined mesh blade, which has good crushing effect on the material.

2.Adopt reducer motor drive, save electricity.

3.Installation of the foundation, start the machine smoothly without too much noise.

4.Can be configured with conveyor belt feeding equipment.

5.All-round control, easy to operate.

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