Línea de reciclaje de películas de 500 kg por hora en Nueva Zelanda

Film recycling production line introduction

Name: Film recycling line

Location: New Zealand

Suitable material: Agricultural mulch film、greenhouse film、Cling film、 industrial packaging film、Various pp and pe industrial films

Types of equipment: Shredder、belt conveyor、granulator 、separation sedimentation tank、rinse tank、friction cleaning machine、extrusion dryer、fan、plastic film extruder、cutting machine、vibrating screen、cyclone separator、hopper

Film recycling machine flow chart

plastic film washing production line flow chart

The plastic film washing line includes a series of plastic recycling machines. Packed film into the shredder, the shredder will tear the film into large sizes, it can enter the crusher, the crusher will crush the large film into small pieces, film pieces into the cleaning equipment to remove impurities such as mud and sand, in the squeeze dry equipment, and finally made into a clean and dry film pieces.

palstic film pelletizing flow chart

Plastic film pelletizing line contains a series of plastic recycling equipment, clean film through the conveyor, into the film extruder, through the screw conveyor and heater heating, plastic film melting and forming, through the water cooling, through the cutting machine, and finally made into plastic film pellets.

Plastic film recycling line machine pictures

plastic film extruder

plastic film extruder

film extruder header

film extruder header

extruder screen exchanger

screen changer for extruder

plastic film extuder gearbox

film extruder gearbox

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