Four-shaft Shredder

Four-shaft shredder

Trituradora de cuatro ejes, due to its strong range of material use and controllable discharge size, the four-shaft crushing technology is widely used in solid waste processing and renewable resource recovery.
The main features are:
High reliability; Adaptable to a variety of complex materials; Long service life of wear parts such as cutter heads, easy to replace and maintain; Meet the requirements of processing capacity and fine discharge particle size; Low maintenance workload. Low investment and use cost.

Compared with the double-shaft shredder, has two additional shredding knife shafts.the crushing chamber consists of double auxiliary knife shafts in the upper layer and double main knife shafts in the lower layer. The upper auxiliary knife has a forced feeding function to increase the crushing output. The lower main knife has a unique cutter profile to achieve the purpose of shearing into finer materials.


 The main application of the four-shaft shredder is similar to that of the single-shaft shredder and double-shaft shredder.It is mainly used for shredding metal barrels, refrigerators, rubber, plastic, tires, circuit boards, household garbage, medical waste, hazardous waste, electronic waste and other waste materials.

Composition and Principle

The material size of the four-shaft shredder is controlled by the screen. After the material is cut once, the material with smaller particle size than the screen hole will be discharged from the screen hole, and the material with larger size than the screen hole will be guided by the main cutting knife and the secondary cutting knife to return to the crushing box for secondary cutting along the inner surface of the screen, and so on until the material can be discharged from the screen hole.

The four-shaft shredder is mainly a machine composed of four sets of shredding blade sets, carrying box, box support, feeding system, power system, and electrical control system. The drive gearbox of this four-shaft shredder adopts intermediate gear transmission to form a differential speed relationship, and the power of two motors is transmitted to four spindles through four gearboxes. The four-shaft shredder has good interchangeability of parts, and the shredding blade is made of special alloy steel, which has high hardness, high strength and high wear resistance. The screen is easy to disassemble and simple. Compact shape structure.


Transmission and Main shaft

Four-shaft shredder transmission
Four shaft shredder

Main shaft

Four-shaft shredder main shaft
Four-shaft Shredder

Trituradora de cuatro ejes

Four-shaft shredder
Four-shaft shredder

Features and advantage

  1. Compared with the double-shaft shredder, it is easier to enter the shredder, with large output and high efficiency.
  2. The size of the discharge can be adjusted according to customer requirements through the aperture of the screen.
  3. Auxiliary knife has a forced feeding function, high blade has a self-cleaning function for the low blade
  4. patented screen maintenance structure, easy maintenance.
  5. The shredding tool is made of alloy steel with good wear resistance.
  6. There are multiple overload safety protection measures.

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