Pet bottle washing recycling line

pet bottle washing line

PET bottle washing line is used to mechanically separate the non-PET cap, seat bottom, label, and other impurities from the packaged PET plastic bottles, and then crushed, washed, and processed into non-polluting PET flakes, which can be made into recycled pellets for making other PET products, or sold to chemical fiber manufacturers.

The PET bottle washing line is composed of a series of plastic recycling machinery. We have standard PET bottle production lines with an output from 500kg per hour to 2000kg per hour, and we can design and build a line to meet your specific requirements.

Working principle

PET bottle package separation machine: The first step is to break up the compacted PET bottle bundles. After breaking up, the Pet bottles are dispersed into individual pieces and move on to the next process.

Sorting: The second step is to separate out the miscellaneous bottles, miscellaneous colored bottles, trademark paper, caps from the raw materials that are not other impurities of PET. Some things (trademark paper, caps, etc.) can be removed in the later process, and some things (PVC/PS/rubber, etc.) cannot be separated in the later process, and can only be handled cleanly in the sorting process, otherwise, the pet cleaning equipment is unable to wash out good bottle flakes.

Tumbler sieve: It is an angled, rotating cylinder with a screen with small holes. These holes are slightly smaller than PET bottles, and impurities smaller than PET bottle size, such as sediment, glass, iron, stones, paper, etc., fall through the mesh holes.

Pet bottle label separator: PET bottles are conveyed forward with claw dings on the blades to peel off the labels, this is how the pet bottle remover machine works and improves productivity.

Plastic crusher: The crusher cuts PET bottles into small flakes of 10-15 mm size. And it can remove iron chips and small iron pieces, etc.

Rinsing tank: The rinsing tank is filled with the appropriate amount of water, through the buoyancy of the water, plastic film labels and PP/PE plastic bottle caps will float, while PET plastic flakes will sink, and the screw conveyor at the bottom of the rinsing tank will transport PET plastic to the next process.

Hot washing machine: The glue used to stick labels is hard to remove, but by heating, it will dissolve the glue on the bottles, and a lot of dirt that is difficult to remove in cold water can be removed. You can also add detergent to achieve a better washing effect.

pet bottle washing machine

Friction cleaning machine: It is an efficient cleaning equipment that strongly removes dirt and impurities from PET flakes by means of high-speed friction between the rotating shaft and water flow.

Centrifugal Dewatering Machine: Through high-speed rotation, centrifugal force is used to remove most of the water in PET flakes before entering the dryer for the next drying step.

Thermal dryer: The dryer uses stainless steel heat exchanger tube to heat the air inside so that the moisture on the surface of the flakes evaporates and the pet flakes are fully dried.

Silo: The clean and dry PET flakes are stored in the silo through the fan and cyclone separator.

Plastic Extruder: PET flakes are generally used to make polyester fiber. Some customers also need plastic pelletizing machines, such as single-screw extruders and twin-screw extruders.

The whole pet plastic cleaning line is controlled by a central electric control panel and cabinet. Each machine is connected using a different type of conveyor belt.

Pet bottle washing line specification and parameter

Capacity(kg/h)Space required(m)Operations staffPower(kw)Water circulation(t/h)

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