PET Pelletizing Machine

PET recycling machine

PET recycling production machinery    includes PET cleaning machine and PET pelletizing machine, PET cleaning line includes PET pelletizing machine and cleaning water tank and other equipment, PET pelletizing line includes pelletizing machine, cutting equipment, etc.

PET pelletizing machine description

Qingdao palet machinery co,.ltd produces PET pelletizing machine, which consists of a series of recycling machines, including belt conveyor, twin-screw extruder, extrusion auxiliary machine, water tank, plastic pellet cutting machine, etc.

The main process is as follows

Belt conveyor → twin-screw extruder → water tank → plastic pellet cutting machine → storage hopper.

The upward structure of the flow chart is only a standard we recommend, which can be adjusted according to the material situation and requirements of customers.

PET pelletizing machine process

Belt conveyor

The material of the incoming belt conveyor is PVC, and the reel haul-off device is an optional feeding method for handling the waste from the reel. Equipped with ABB frequency converter. The feeding speed is automatically adjusted according to the actual situation. The feeding speed of the conveyor belt and the dragging off of the rolls are fully automatic according to the space of the barrel of the compactor. There is a metal detector to facilitate the exclusion of metal. 

belt conveyor

Pet pelletizing machine: Twin-screw extruder

It is composed of screw, manifold, etc., which plasticizes the powdered plastic into soluble body under the effect of certain temperature and pressure, and then is continuously extruded into the head by the screw. The plastic scrap will be fully melted and plasticized in the twin-screw extruder.

pet pelletizing machine

Extruder screen changer

The head screen changer is an important part of the plastic extruder, which can realize the screen change without stopping and improve the production efficiency.

extruder screen changer

Water tank

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water tank for pet recycling

Plastic pellet cutting machine

The die surface water ring pelletizing system adopts a pneumatic device to make good contact between the blade and the die surface. According to the melt pressure, the cutting speed is automatically controlled by PLC to get uniform granules.

pet pellet cuting machine

Control unit

All electrical units are installed in a steel cabinet. Siemens PLC and intelligent control HMI are used to start and stop the whole system with one key. The safety interlock principle is used in the system. All electrical units. Schneider, Siemens, ABB and LS.

pet recycling control unit

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