Plastic film recycling machine

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plastic film recycling machine

Plastic film recycling machines include plastic film washing machines and plastic film pelletizing machines. The purpose of the plastic film washing line is to remove impurities from the plastic film and to shred large pieces of film into smaller pieces, resulting in clean plastic film sheets of appropriate size. The function of plastic film pelletizing line is to extrude, cool, dry, cut and finally make clean pellets from film sheets.

Plastic film washing machine

The plastic film washing line consists of a series of plastic cleaning equipment, from the unpacking of raw film, shredding into large pieces, initial cleaning, crushing into small pieces, second cleaning, dewatering, drying, to the final production of clean film sheets.

Feeding conveyor: uniform feeding and controlling the output through frequency converter.
Pre-crusher (plastic film shredder): the surface of the material contains more impurities (sand, mud), the need to pre-crash and then pre-wash the material.
Pre-washing machine: pre-crushed by the pre-crusher after the initial cleaning of materials to remove impurities on the surface of the material up to 80% or more, to reduce the pressure of subsequent cleaning.
Plastic crusher: crushing materials with water, materials in the crushing chamber while crushing and cleaning.
Screw loading machine: conveying materials and cleaning, will be connected to separate cleaning equipment.
Separation sedimentation tank: cleaning materials, sorting flotation and sedimentation materials, removing sediment and impurities.

Friction washing machine: high-speed cleaning materials, remove material surface attached impurities and decontamination.
Centrifugal dewatering machine: material dewatering, material water content after dewatering about 10-15%.
Film extrusion dryer: material dewatering, dewatering material moisture content of about 5%.
Hot air drying system: drying materials, can be squeezed dry on the basis of the material moisture content down 2%.
The whole line is equipped with an automatic PLC control system.

plastic film washing line flow chart

Plastic film pelletizing machine

The plastic film recycling pelletizing line consists of a series of film pelletizing equipment, from raw materials into the feeder, extrusion, cooling, cutting into finished pellets, to storage silos. The recovered plastic film pellets can be sold to chemical industry manufacturers at reasonable prices.

Belt conveyor: conveying clean plastic film to the feeder, the conveyor is controlled by frequency converter.
Forced feeder: It serves to squeeze the plastic film to make the plastic film smaller in size and deliver the raw material evenly to the feeding port of the plastic extruder.
Plastic film extruder: It is the most important equipment in the film recycling machine, generally using a single-screw extruder, and with water raw materials can also be easily completed granulation with this equipment. Plastic film recycling equipment generally adopts a two-stage extruder, which improves the recycling efficiency and quality.
Cooling water tank: Cooling water tank: After passing through the extruder, the plastic film forms strips of plastic, which are cooled by the water tank and then circulated through the pump and enter the cutting machine.
Cutting machine: The film plastic is cut into good quality pellets by adjusting the gap of the cutter, adjusting the frequency converter, and regulating the cutting speed.
Vibrating screen: reject the unqualified products and screen the high-quality pellets.
Blower: convey the film pellets to the silo by the wind.
Cyclone separator: Use the centrifugal force generated by the rotating gas to separate plastic pellets and fine dust.
Silo: store clean and qualified plastic film pellets

plastic film recycling process

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