Plastic Granulator

Plastic Granulator

Plastic granulator also known as plastic crusher . It divides various recycled plastics into small pieces evenly. It is mainly used to crush various plastic plastics and rubber such as plastic profiles, tubes, rods, filaments, films, rubber tires. The pellets can be used directly for extruder or injection molding, or can be regenerated through basic granulation. Plastic crusher is another kind of peripheral equipment for injection molding machine, which can crush and recycle the defective products produced by injection molding machine and water mouth material machine.

Plastic Granulator Applications

It can be used for crushing and recycling of all waste plastics such as boxes, thin fittings, blow molded parts, bottles, shells, household plastic products, etc. again or as an auxiliary machine for injection molding machine to crush and reuse injection molding machine water outlet materials or inferior parts. It is mainly used in plastic film recycling line.

Plastic Granulator
Plastic Granulator
Plastic Granulator
Plastic Granulator

Composition and Principle

The plastic granulator is powered by a belt drive from the motor, to the rotor; the middle rotor is equipped with heavy duty knives on top in a cross array for double scissor cutting. The rotor rotates at high speed and the rotor knives make contact with the fixed knives in the cutting chamber to cut the material until it can pass through a certain size of screen. All knives need to be made of high strength alloy steel to ensure high strength, high hardness and high wear resistance.


Plastic granulator Transmission


Plastic Granulator Heavy Duty Knives

Heavy Duty Knives

Plastic Granulator Knives


Plastic Granulator

Plastic Granulator

Features and Advantage

Compared to the shredder, the plastic granulator belongs to the high-speed machinery, which can cut the material smaller and finer. Usually the large piece of plastic first passes through the shredder, after the plastic out size is reduced, and then passes through the crusher, thus the plastic is further cut into thin pieces or finely crushed material.

Therefore, the shredder speed is low, more robust and more forgiving to materials; granulator speed is high to avoid hard metal or stone damage to the crusher tool.

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