Single shaft shredder

single shaft shredder

 The single shaft shredder is a small to medium-sized industrial shredder equipped with only one shaft with a rotating blade, widely used in waste plastic recycling, paper and wood shredding, electronic waste recycling.Single-shaft shredder compared with the double shaft shredder is driven by the rotation of a single shaft cutting tool to slowly shred the material, energy consumption is much higher than the twin-shaft shredder, and the finished product is slightly smaller after shredding.


Single shaft shredder with single screw extruder and twin screw extruder, mainly used in plastic pellet recycling production line, the main function of single-shaft shredder is to cut and shred the materials.The main shredding materials are as follows:

PP, PE, PET, PC, ABS, nylon, etc.
PET plastic bottle, PE, PP plastic pipe, plastic barrel, household appliance shell
Film, woven bags
All kinds of machine head materials, injection molding, extrusion of the edge of the material

Paper: cardboard, paper, cardboard, packaging boxes
Wood: logs, planks, used furniture
Wire and cable, electronic waste, circuit boards

Single shaft shredder
Single shaft shredder

Working principle

Materials through the feeding system into the internal shredding box, the box carries a shredding blade, pushing the material box to push the material near the blade, the material through the shredding blade tearing, squeezing, shearing and other comprehensive action, shredded into small pieces of material, from the screen mesh hole discharge.

Specification and parameter

ModelRotation diameter(mm)Main shaft speed(r/min)Number of fixed bladeNumber of moving bladeCrushing chamber(mm)Screener diameter(mm)Power(kw)Weight(kg)

Shredder machine details and gallery

Control system and transmission system

Single shaft shredder

Control system:All the shredder adopts microcomputer automatic control system, set with start, stop, reversing and overload automatic reversing control function, with low speed, large torque, low noise and other characteristics. 

single shaft shredder

Transmission system:Single-shaft shredder transmission system, reduce the speed, increase the torque, set the start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control function, with low speed, large torque, low noise and other characteristics. The bearing seat adopts the opposite type, easy to disassemble and change knives, suitable for shredding extra large, extra thick and difficult to shred materials.

Main shaft

Single shaft shredder

The utility model has the following advantages: a solid structure spindle is set, a cutter disc is milled on the spindle, and the tool is connected to the cutter disc with bolts, which solves the problem of poor welding of the cutter disc on the traditional spindle, and a solid cylinder is used instead of the original hollow steel tube, which solves the problem of low strength of the hollow steel tube, the utility model is cleverly conceived, easy to operate and low cost.

single shaft shredder main shaft

The main shaft is a solid cylindrical structure, the front end and the rear end of the intermediate shaft are provided with a front mounting shaft and a rear mounting shaft respectively, said front mounting shaft and rear mounting shaft are provided with a mounting ladder respectively, the intermediate shaft is provided with a plurality of tabs in a T-shaped structure respectively, said tabs are provided with a plurality of cutter discs, the cutter discs on two adjacent tabs are crossed, the end of said cutter disc is provided with a connection hole, the other side of the connection hole is provided with The other side of the connection hole is set with a bolt placement slot.

Pushing device

Pushing device

The hydraulic pusher of the utility model plastic shredder can be applied to the whole long plastic pipe of large diameter for recycling alone, compact structure, safety, high efficiency, and effectively reduce the cost of use.

single shaft shredder main shaft

Single-shaft shredder involves a plastic shredder hydraulic pusher, including the pusher body, hydraulic cylinder, cross universal joint, the pusher body is equipped with a number of roller sets, one end of the hydraulic cylinder is connected to the pusher body through the cross universal joint, the other end of the hydraulic cylinder is equipped with joint bearings.Hydraulic forced feeding, smooth and adjustable speed, large and uniform propulsion force.

Features and advantage

1. Suitable for shredding materials with strong entanglement, allowing a small amount of light metal objects in the material.

2. External bearing design, waterproof and dustproof, prolong the service life of the bearing.

3. Hard tooth surface reducer, high transmission efficiency, strong bearing capacity, low noise.

4.Lower tooling and maintenance costs.Easy tool replacement.

5.Relatively low price compared to double shaft shredder, at the same power level.

6.Material size can be adjusted according to the size of the screen aperture.

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